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Smoke Removal

Say Goodbye to all types of Smoke Odors.

Fungi, MILDEW remover

Say Goodbye to Fungi, Mold & Mildew.

Mold Eliminator

Get Rid Of Mold Permanently. Not just cover it up like others do.

Chemical Odors eliminator

No more Strange Chemical or other strange Odors.

Pet odoR be gone

Now we can love our Pets without loving there odors

Skunk odors gone

Our Process is so strong it can even kill Skunk Odors at the source.

Defeat Odors, Mold, and Germs in your Home or Structure | Odor Removal


Smells, Mold, and Germs are constant hazards to your health. Let Surface Magic (of Buffalo NY) OMG Sanitized provide our Complete D&D (Detoxify and Decontaminate). Poisonous environments featured odd smells, poisonous residue, and undetectable toxin hazards. Our program provides a total treatment that sanitizes every square inch of your home or office.

Another reason that OMG is having favorable results with our consumers is due to the effectiveness of our service. Instead of hours, many tasks take only one to 2 hours. This implies you can return to your regular tasks in a couple of hours understanding that your mini-disaster is totally resolved and with no hazardous chemicals being used at the same time. Our service even improves the indoor air quality for those clients with asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. Most people are eliminated to discover that the ambient risks to their satisfaction of life have actually been resolved in such a brief amount of time.

Mold Removal:


Think of mold as a quiet enemy that damages your house, damages your health, and never disappears up until it is expertly removed. Provided sufficient time, mold will turn your home into a nightmare of rotten wood and musty smells that might be hazardous to your health. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

When you call Surface Magic, we arrive with our knapsacks packed with the amazing Labs formula. The factor it is so reliable is that it is actually blended prior to application. We foam or spray every part of the house to eliminate mold and mildew on contact, neutralize and get rid of mold spores, and even neutralize the mycotoxins that are damaging member of the family.

Our treatment is a total and effective process. Remember, there are no faster ways when handling mold removal. The Labs application includes a lasting mildew-stat that inhibits new mold growth for approximately 3 years. However, there is more. Our services also include sanitizing, odor elimination, and a detoxification process also. We are dedicated to making your house or organisation safe and germ-free for improving your quality of life.

The OMG Sanitized treatment consists of a broad-spectrum decontamination procedure and a touch-free sanitizing process that avoids cross-contamination. We can avoid the spreading of ecological threats with a single treatment, and keep students, workers, and patrons from missing work or school.

Do not error easy cleaning for sanitizing. Instead of using multiple items for multiple problems, OMG fixes problems on numerous levels including removal of the biofilm that hides pathogens. We remove the barriers that other products can not.

Include this treatment to your cleansing program to offer a safeguard for your customers. Reach every problem area without the difficulty of scrubbing or using less efficient items that will not kill bacteria approximately 99.999%.

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The Invisible Threat | Odor Eliminator


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be an invisible threat to your health and happiness. The indoor air frequently contains far more toxic aspects than many can think. VOCs and TICs are different types of gases that work 24/7 by compromising your immune system. Throughout the years, they have the ability to shorten your lifespan.

Particle contaminants are pollen, mold spores, chemical residues, ash, dirt, pest parts, insect feces, allergen, bacteria, and much more. The OMG Sanitized literally cleanses the air and removes these dangers that can have negative health impacts.

But still, there is more. Our specialized treatments are also being utilized for decontaminating homes and businesses for post-fire damage, smoke damage, and flood problems.

OMG Sanitized is a professional treatment that brings the indoor environment back to a neutral and safe condition. This is an All-in-One treatment that hits at every level of ecological issue that is a powerful safety net for the health of your office, gym, school, house, or medical building.

Remove Bad Smells from your home!

Get rid of unwanted Odors Permanently like existing Smoke, Pet, Food and other old house smells.

Odor Eliminator
House Odors

Permanently Remove Odors

You can Safely Remove Unwanted Odors permanently the Green Friendly Way.

Severe Odor Elimination Item


Get Rid of Bad Odors. Solving odor issues can be an intricate job. Smells may come from a combination of issues, and your disinfecting items should have the ability to do more than conceal the smell. Surface mold in the house can produce a musty smell that is hard to resolve even with the most powerful cleansing services. After the mold is no longer a problem, there still may be some sticking around smells that stay from other unidentified sources. Sometimes, solving one odor problem now reveals another odor that resides in the structure.


Some smells are organic.

Trash is one example. It might likewise be spilled milk that isn’t completely out of the carpet. Years of cooking strong odor foods like curry, fish, or hot meals will leave some embedded smells that are not quickly removed. Even the cleaning habits of the previous occupants can leave a stink that haunts the house or home for a long time.


Family pet odors are a typical organic smells that are challenging to remove. Pets bring body oils, saliva, urine, poop, and more into the house and other services that deal with animals.


Organic smells are likewise bacterial odors. Bacteria feed on the organic residue. And, the awful smells are more than most likely the bacterial smells on top of the organic matter that may be a bothersome odor by itself. So, sterilizing might be a big part of the option.

 Chemical smells

Chemical smells are difficult to figure out or fix. The most typical example would be cigarette smoke. Though somewhat natural, cigarette smoke has hundreds of chemicals (consisting of tar) that coat all surfaces. Once in your house, the odor can last for several years after the smoker is gone.


Several Source need a Broad Spectrum Option


Major odor elimination needs to strike the problems on multiple levels. Eliminating the germs might get the foul part of the odor. The procedure must include a method to wear down the organic source of the smells. And, no matter what the marketing says, shop bought fragrances are little bit more than a short-term relief. Odor removal does not come in a flower fragrance.


Eliminating mold an mildew would be a good idea. And, how about a treatment that neutralizes chemical issues also?


Just h2o2 D-5 solve odor dangers on each of these levels. And, the activation procedure brings near-explosive strength instead of a basic cleaning treatment. Our activated hydrogen peroxide product is amazingly effective, but still eco-safe for any sort of application. This unique item is planned for professional usage, however even experienced professionals are amazed by the effectiveness of a fogging system that solve the numerous issues they come across.


But, Can D-5 Solve the Really Bad Odor issues?


Complex and strong smells are the most obvious issue when it comes to odor elimination. The last concern is how embedded the smells might be. The treatment should reach as deeply as the odor source. So, when pet smells are the issue, the carpet will require special attention in addition to a basic d-5 of all surfaces.


Mix h2o2 D-5 in a 1:10 parts water to be utilized instead of the carpet cleansing service. H2o2 D-5 is actually a fantastic carpet cleaning solution. As such, h2o2 D-5 can now reach deeply into the carpet to tidy, decontaminate, and reduce the effects of odors. Those using h2o2 D-5 for carpet cleaning will never go back to soap type services.


As a fogging system, the product can be applied in a normal spray or more intensely. In the example of a hoarder house or ignored death, h2o2 D-5 can be a “Tear down” application taking the smell issue from excruciating to tolerable. This permits workers to work more securely as h2o2 D-5 likewise destroys pathogens and reduces the effects of chemical and mold issues.


h2o2 D-5 leaves no remaining odor. Some will see a light, clean scent for a few hours. When the odors are heavy, use h2o2 D-5 more liberally, or more than once as the cleansing process discovers the risks. Most of the times, one great treatment of D-5 will resolve all the core odor issue leaving the restoration process to lead to a place people can securely delight in.

Remove Chemical Odor

At Surface Magic ®, we know how difficult it can be to live in a house, operate in a structure, or drive in a vehicle with foul odors. These smelly smells triggered by cigarette smoke, cooking smells like curry, family pets, mold and mildew can impact your life, your work, and typically the value of your home or car. Surface Magic ® offers services for removing odors, decontaminating surface areas, and offering antimicrobial services that get rid of harsh odors from your home, office or automobile. Surface Magic ® services are quickly, reliable, and safe.

Forget the Temporary Fixes
Our Surface Magic ® five-phase procedure is the only process that completely removes odors. Sprays, scents, and candle lights briefly mask smells. After a couple of minutes, the smell wears thin and the stink is once again obvious. Steam cleaning is costly and typically insufficient for popular odors like curry, cigarette smoke, and urine.

Our Five-Phase Treatment Process
Our devices’s unique procedure, called Phocatox, combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination damage technology. High strength Phocatox technology removes air-borne and surface area organic molecules and microorganisms. This multi-phase process utilizes:

HEPA filtration
Hydroxyl extreme production
Cleansed O3 and vaporized gas-phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production
Singlet oxygen and oxyradical plasma production
Decontaminating germicidal UVC radiation
All these are created internally in one portable system to produce unparalleled decontamination capabilities on site.

Surface Magic Benefits
Surface Magic ® Company use the most reliable odor removal, surface area decontamination and antimicrobial innovations offered in the market and supply a myriad of advantages:

EXPERTISE: Surface Magic Service Providers are extremely trained and certified professionals whose primary focus is odor removal and surface disinfection.

EXPENSE SAVINGS: Surface Magic can save YOU thousands– even 10s of thousands of dollars– in repair costs due to odor associated problems affecting contents, damage of residential or commercial property, leaseability and resale. Surface Magic removes the need for any odor removal chemicals, sealants or deodorizers leading to additional expense savings in addition to decrease in cleaning, painting and site prep/restoration expenses.

TIME SAVINGS: Many Surface Magic treatments can be finished within one (1) day as compared with other technologies and services that need much longer treatment times and return gos to.

ECOLOGICALLY SAFE: We do not use any chemicals in the Surface Magic BASE TREATMENT procedure. Our Proprietary Surface Magic Photocatalytic Oxidation Process (BPCO) includes vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide that is produced organically from the water particles found in ambient air. Surface Magic SURFACE AREA DEFENSE TREATMENT is an EPA-registered antimicrobial. It’s fast drying formula is safe for use on all surfaces and is non-toxic and non-leaching when dry.

SAFE FOR USAGE ON ALL PRODUCTS: Surface Magic will not bleach, discolor or degrade any fabrics or fabrics. Surface Magic treatment is compatible with VIRTUALLY ALL product and is residue complimentary.

BEST SERVICE ASSURANCE: We offer an unmatched 100% warranty.

VALIDATED INNOVATION AND THIRD PARTY SCREENING: Surface Magic has actually successfully undergone extensive analytical screening to figure out treatment effectiveness versus a wide variety of pathogens. All Surface Magic Services appropriate for usage in all LEED Certification and Score System programs.

QUALITY MANUFACTURING AND CONTROL PROCESSES: Surface Magic is recognized as the pioneering industry leader in the commercialization of PCO innovation to the various markets we serve. Devices made for usage in Surface Magic Solutions goes through industry finest practices in style, production, and item development engineering. Surface Magic equipment is NRTL examined and accredited to UL/CSA/CE standards as electrically safe. Surface Magic’s equipment is made in the United States (Houston, Texas) and the factory is individually audited quarterly for producing quality, controls, and paperwork. A commitment to quality and security is our highest priority in providing cutting edge decontamination options to the public through Surface Magic Service Providers.


Cat Odors

Dog Odors